Incredible Edible Veggies is Shar’N her Avocado Creations that were sampled @ the DRAGON’S DEN Auditions yesterday in Niagara Falls @ The Scotiabank Convention Centre. 
OMG! All I can say is Thank you, for everyone who has supported me, by spreading the word. So please keep SHAR’N the words of Incredible Edible Veggies! Thank YOU! As I am trying to help people, who are looking to have a choice in healthier foods. 
Incredible Edible Veggies knowns this is where I am supposed to be, as this is my TRUE PASSION on Shar’N the knowledge and experiences on what REAL FOODS are supposed to taste like, while reaping health benefits through our food. 
P.S. Incredible Edible Veggies was also advised by the producers to audition for the Recipe to Riches Show, as they felt that Incredible Edible Veggies has great passion and amazing food, making it a great opportunity to share. 
OMG!!!! 1ST Dr. Oz Show Invites Incredible Edible Veggies to appear on the show…OMG!
2ND Audition for the Dragons’ Den!
Will the 3RD be the Charm??? Audition for the Recipe to Riches?
It’s amazing when you FINALLY find your TRUE PASSION, how easier your life becomes. What a RUSH and AHA moments! SOOOO many goosebumps!
I am so blessed.


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