Tempeh Bacon & TLTs (The Vegan Improvement of the BLT)

Veg Out With Us!


The traditional BLT is pretty darn near the perfect food.  It’s salty, crunchy, hearty, satisfying, comforting, and no utensils are required to eat it.  If you ask me, really the only thing that needs improving in the BLT is the “B,” which is flesh from pigs – pigs like this handsome lil’ guy whom I sponsor at Farm Sanctuary in New York.  (How sweet is he?!)

I know what you’re thinking.  A BLT without the “B” sounds pretty boring, right?  Lettuce & tomato between two slices of bread?  <Yaaaaawn>  Well, lucky for us herbivores, with the right marinade, tempeh stands in beautifully for bacon.  I’d like to say that I eat this tempeh bacon as a sidedish with a tofu scramble & a high stack of vegan pancakes – but truth be told, despite my best intentions for a fancy breakfast, this bacon usually ends up in my…

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