The World’s Best Pasta Sauce

A Vegan in the World

So, I’m going to open this post with a word that has, recently, become a dirty word in our house.


Tomaotes, tomato, Italian, Red Tomato, Roma tomato Beautiful red tomatoes.

Yup, recently “tomatoes” has been a bad word, mostly because of the numbers of them that we’ve been getting both from our CSA at Gorman Farm and the number that our brother-in-law is growing in his garden. Last week, we got 15 tomatoes of various types from our CSA, and we had already gotten 4 beefsteak and 9 Romas from our bro-in-law.

Now, the blonde’s sister, the one who hosted the True Blood party, and her husband have a decent sized garden in their yard. OK, their garden is a tad on the big side, and they aren’t vegan or vegetarian, they just grow a crap-load of veggies. Which makes our lives easy, generally. Except for the aforementioned tomatoes.

So what do you do when…

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