Harper government giving away Wheat Board assets

Cape Breton Independent

If you believe that government monopoly agencies are not the best way to get Canadian agricultural products to market you probably applauded when the Harper government eliminated the Canadian Wheat Board’s control of the prairie grain business. That move “liberated” Western farmers, freed them from the bondage of “big government,” Prime Minister Harper boasts, and allowed them to take part fully in the free market economy.

But even if you are an enthusiastic cheerleader for open markets in agriculture, you’ve got to be a bit worried about the Conservatives’ current plans for the no-longer-single-desk Canadian Wheat Board. The Harper government legislation that got rid of the Wheat Board’s monopoly also stipulated that the agency should be fully privatized by 2017.

Farmers’ offer of $250 to $350 million rejected by Board

Playing by Conservative rules, a 3,000-member farmers’ consortium called Farmers of North America put together a bid to buy the Board…

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