Homemade Hippie Wrinkle Cream

A Real Food Lover

Rosehip Seed Oil

I have been researching oils lately. I love to use straight Jojoba oil out of the bottle as my facial moisturizer. In the shower, right before I get out I take a teaspoon or two of grapeseed oil and rub it all over my wet skin. I have tried Coconut oil in the past, but i find it too drying of an oil for my delicate skin. Recently I was asked to develop the perfect homemade anti-wrinkle cream, so I have been doing a lot of reading on the subject.

First of all, once you have wrinkles there is no magic potion that is going to make them disappear. Your best bet is prevention. That said, you can definitely reduce the appearance of wrinkles by staying properly hydrated, eating plenty of healthy fats (mmm butter!) exfoliating gently, and protecting your skin from the sun with an organic mineral makeup. I will post on mineral…

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