Quinoa Pizza

When in Doubt, Add Butter

quinoa pizza crust

One of the things I have truly missed since going gluten-free has been my homemade, yeasty pizza dough.  I seriously mourn the inability to make and eat it, but I am learning new ways to cook using healthier ingredients and this quinoa pizza crust is absolutely amazing.  It is a very close second, if not a tie for my favorite gluten crust.  In fact, it just may beat it because quinoa is so darn healthy.  Loaded with protein and fiber, quinoa is a seed that packs a nutritional punch.

The idea of mixing cooked quinoa with eggs and cheese to make a beautiful platform for pizza toppings is just genius, and I credit the idea from lots of Pinterest surfing.  After experimenting with several recipes, I have come up with my own version that just works for my family of five.  It makes two 10×12″ oval pizzas.  You can top…

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