'We’re farming in a polluted world': Even organic foods are not GMO-free, industry leaders say

National Post

Those consumers who fear even the most minute amounts of genetically modified organisms in their meals will have to confront a nasty shock: even organic foods are not GMO-free, according to organic industry leaders.

At an organic conference this month at the University of Guelph, Dag Falck, who operates the organic program with Nature’s Path, a North American breakfast cereal and snack-bar producer, said it was time the organic industry was more honest with its labelling. Pollen and seeds from genetically modified crops often make their way onto organic farms — and there’s no test for what the organic industry terms “cross contamination,” or trace amounts of GMOs.

“Due to unavoidable, worldwide cross-pollination, no crop that has a GMO variant, no matter how regulated by the government can be guaranteed to be 100% GMO free,” Mr. Falck wrote in an email.

Anyone who eats such common staples as beet sugar…

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