Lavender… After Surgery

Euphoric Oils by doTERRA

Once again, I have another miraculous in the use of… “LAVENDER OIL”

I  had just undergone surgery on March 23, 2012. To say the least, once the  anesthesia wore off, I was experiencing enormous amounts of pain. My surgeon prescribed, this is a typical pain medication prescribed by many doctors. It was early evening when I took my first pill, as the drug started to take effect, I became extremely nauseatated and dizzy. my eyes could not focus. I thought great, now I can sleep my way through this pain, in spite of feeling nauseous. Not really, after about an hour I became very nervous and hyper, these symptoms were induced by the content of caffeine in the pill. Yes, I was no longer in pain, but I felt terrible. I thought to myself, these side effects just might be worse than the pain itself. After hours of feeling exhausted and irritable, I finally fell…

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