Keep Pesky Insects Away using Essential Oils!

Aromatherapy Contessa


How do you keep those pesky insects at bay during the Summer???

Whether you’re hiking in the woods, having an outdoor family bar-b-que or taking a siesta under that shady palm tree, don’t be on the menu this summer for mosquitoes, black flies, no-see-ums, and other pesky insects.  While products containing DEET and permethrins (sprayed on clothing only) are considered the most effective, there are still many people looking for alternative natural, plant-derived remedies.  The use of essential oils can be effective in this regard.  What makes you attractive to these insects?  Their sensors are attracted to heat and certain chemicals in sweat such as lactic acid and the carbon dioxide we give off just by breathing.  That’s why being warm-blooded mammals makes us prime targets.  Certain perfumes containing pheromones should be avoided as well.  Prevention is best so first – wear lightweight clothing that covers most of your body…

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