Fight germs, bed bugs and mites with essential oils


Winter is here and holidays are coming.  If you are like me and live in Canada, you will be seeking warmer pastures between December and March.

woman with bed bug bites woman with bed bug bites

Be warned – wherever you go, regardless of the hotel you are staying in –5 stars included– you are exposing yourself to a potential cesspool of dustmites, mites, microbial germs, bacteria, and bed bugs (yes, it’s true).  It’s better that I scare you with this, than let you get some itchy rash, and even worse, bring this kind of stuff back home with you.

CBC recently published an article about dirty hotels:  (These are hotels in Canada).  . Also, world health organizations have announced concern over the reintroduction of bedbugs due to the increase in travel and globalization. See the bottom of this post for a Health Canada link to avoid bringing bedbugs home.


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