A little bit about Sharon…

Sharon Pylypiw was born and raised in Welland, ON and has lived throughout the Niagara Region. As a very spontaneous and free spirited person,  Sharon has always been true to herself and gets great pleasure when she serves up her Incredible – Edible – Veggies .

The inspiration for Incredible – Edible – Veggies  was derived from her passion for a healthier lifestyle.   You know that veggies are good for you, but you want to make serving them easier, tastier and unique.  With  Incredible – Edible – Veggies, you get only the healthiest dishes that are prepared to AMAZE you and everyone else at the table.

More that just the goodness of  “hidden veggies”,  Incredible – Edible – Veggies  are all soy, corn and wheat free and Gluten free* (friendly) too. Made with organic fruits and vegetables (when available), Incredible – Edible – Veggies supports local farmers and are proud to be preservative free.

Incredible – Edible – Veggies will provide Vegan products on request and sometimes adds plant-based proteins to its dishes that are great for kids of any age.
Whether you want lower salt or sugar levels, weight loss, improved health or just easier digestion, Incredible – Edible – Veggies are the answer for meal time, snack time or any time.

I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I do.
Thank You for choosing Incredible – Edible – Veggies !


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